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“thinkin of my lonely days stuck in my room bawlin… rain on the window mirror, saw the tears i let go… my pride and all these scars inside… it’s time for me to let go”


for the curious minds, here’s how i did on last week’s “to-do” list as well as my rather optimistic choices for this coming week:

week one

  • bring pants to get altered
  • pack one box for salvation army
  • buy storage bins for basement
  • read a book

week two

  • read a book (again)
  • start alphabetizing records
  • clean fridge/pantry of expired items
  • try a new recipe
  • go for a run?

oh, also—i didn’t just read a book last week. i read three books last week. that’s what happens when you have as many doctor’s appointments (read: lots of waiting) in a week as i had. but that’s a story for a different day…

there was one other item i took on last week that i didn’t write down on my list—i took a break from social media.

just after the election, i managed to take a one month long “break” from social media (minus twitter because i felt like that audience was more… contained?) anyway, in the last couple of weeks, the political climate showed no improvement… no… hope? everything and everyone was so negative. drastically so. dramatically so. and it was just too much for me.

i started by unfollowing people, brands, and companies that were encouraging and spreading negativity, or who were showing an overwhelming vested interest in the art of not-making-things-better. as my poor fingers quickly became tired from all the unfollowing, i decided just to delete all the apps.

take. a. break.

it’s a simple sentiment—perhaps overly simplified—but one i think so many people would benefit from right now. there are people out there who are literally spending their days and nights creating memes about our unfortunate state of affairs. every morning a new article comes out, a new celebrity has an opinoin, another rapper releases a politically-charged single, another business is being dragged in the mud. and people, like little puppets, are just spreading filth and encouraging rage.

for example, there is someone out there who started a list of all the horrible decisions trump has made in the last 2+ weeks. broken down by day.

let that sink in for a minute—not that trump is out there making questionable decisions, but that people are spending their lives documenting the “horror”. DAILY. and then with one share, it goes viral. this has become the lives of many. SO MANY. living, breathing, and sleeping this. forgetting all else that matters.

and there are those things, you know. other things that matter. people have forgotten how to be productive—how to make a real difference. and maybe just start with your life. don’t try to get the world together… get yourself together.

conclusion: be like me. make a fucking to-do list, america.