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“i think it’s time to kill for our women… time to heal our women… be real to our women”


today marked a historic and amazing day for our country. for our country’s women. actually, even for women all around the world—hundreds of countries and millions of people supporting the fight for women’s rights. still. in 2017.

and i spent the entire weekend at home, feeling almost hypocritical—feeling like less of a woman because i wasn’t out there. because i didn’t physically participate in any of the nearby marches.

there were many reasons i didn’t go, some of them more solid than others, but as i watched highlights from many of the events (through social media, mostly), i was so proud to be a woman. and even though i didn’t “represent” for women today, i’ll have to tomorrow. and the day after. and the ones after that for as long as i’m alive.

but i’m excited to do that more than ever. because it matters. because it affects me. because it affects you.

shout-out to all the women who represented in some way, shape, or form today.

this was not just an event. this is a lifestyle.