“moving to the rhythm of my intuition, anything i want i speak into existence… that’s how i’m living, that’s how i’m winning”


i was having a conversation the other day with a friend about her dating life. she mentioned that she had read an article advising single women that, in order to find a man, they needed to make room in their lives for a man. literal room, not emotional room.

and then he would come.

as my friend continued updating me on her recent dating experiences, my thoughts wandered to the dozens (hundreds? more?) of women who may have read this article—written by a woman—and have emptied half their closets and dressers, upgraded from their full-size beds to queen or king-size beds, and moved all their beauty products to the left side of their double-sinks.

so that he would come.

how utterly depressing, i thought. i mean, the hypothesis on its own wasn’t a bad one in my opinion. i just think it’s much less literal and far more everything else. like hey, make room in your heart, mind, and soul first. then move on to your house, yeah?

and as i’m having these thoughts in my head—with my friend still talking, by the way—i realized that i’m just not in a place where i’m ready to make that kind of room… emotionally.

around this time last year, i’d made a decision to take a “break” from guys and dating to give myself the opportunity to figure out what i actually wanted from a partnership. because if my last 5 consecutive relationships were any indication, i clearly had no idea.

and a year later, though i still don’t think i know exactly what i want from a man, i have a much better idea of what i want from myself.

so imma keep doing me. because i like what i’m seeing, and that’s what matters.

on that note, here’s where last week’s to-dos landed and what i’ve got planned for this week:

week two

  • read a book (again)
  • start alphabetizing records
  • clean fridge/pantry of expired items
  • try a new recipe
  • go for a run?

week three

  • clean pantry of expired items
  • go for a run?
  • move unused kitchen appliances to basement
  • pack a box for salvation army
  • clean ceiling fans
  • bake something paleo
  • file taxes

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