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“it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me… and i’m feeling good”


when i kicked off my little writing project in september, i focused on getting myself to write a little bit every day. i started strong and it felt pretty damn good. the problem was that it just wasn’t… scalable. it was tough to set aside time every single day. and when i missed a day (or two), it was much harder to come back.

and really, it was much harder to want to come back. i’d made writing a chore rather than just allowing myself more time to focus on doing what i love.

at the same time, i tried to read a little every day, and workout, and eat paleo.

overachiever, i know.

and so, i failed. at all of it.

but we saw that coming, right? i tried to change—overnight.

as i failed at each of these things, there was something i wrote in my journal entries:

“but tomorrow is a new day. it always is.”

and it was true. it still is.

so in the spirit of chinese new year, i’m starting over.

for me, this new year is all about progress and productivity. so i’m going to start each week with a simple to-do list—two or three realistic items that can (and should) be done each week. and if i don’t happen to complete it in that week,
i’ll just roll it over to the next week.

so, like for this first week…

week one

  • bring pants to get altered
  • pack one box for salvation army
  • buy storage bins for basement
  • read a book

the goal is to be able to walk into 2018 looking back and saying, “damn, i did all that.”

which, let’s be honest, is a huge improvement from 2017’s “damn, wtf?”

let’s just see where the year takes us, eh?